Alan Levine

Itinerant edtech web geek, barking and growling and playing on the web since 1993 with an HTML Tutorial archived . Recent years been pushing a lot of old school RSS Syndication via Wordpress cogdogblog .

Currently on assignment at Thompson Rivers University web site in Kamloops, BC as an Open learning Scholar (through March 2015). Been making SPLOTs web site and starting The You Show web site . This means I get to hang out with Brian Lamb.

Also responsible for 85% of the typos on the web. Likes making fun of MOOCs mockerana

Usual suspect avatar

I enjoy mocking MOOCs.

Mostly found at CogDogBlog blog or uploading photos every day flickr or incessant tweeting @cogdog twitter

Also unable to stop tinkering around with DS106 best web site ever It's Jim Groom's fault, love that rascal.